April 7, 2020

Break Bad Habits with the Help of Life Coach Los Angeles

Everybody has at least 1 bad habit. Regardless if it is being late, chewing gum loudly, tapping your feet, eating junk foods, oversharing on Facebook or eating sloppily, bad habits may impede your health, social relationships, and happiness. The key to overcome bad habits is to develop insights to their origins.

To change your bad habits, it might need professional help. However, understanding basic principles of behavior changes may provide you a head start in the process:

  • Decide to Change and Try to Convince Yourself That You Can Really Change

You can change only what you decide to change. Every psychological model of change emphasizes the significance of commitment as the most important step. If you do not see a problem, you will not work on changing your own behavior. If you are honest with yourself regarding your bad habit’s nature, you’ll be able to start to path of change. You might like to keep a journal of your bad habits. To motivate yourself, frank conversations with your loved ones are valuable. People who really care about you can provide you the mirror you require to see all your problematic behaviors.

When you already decided to change, convincing yourself that you can achieve your change goals is crucial. You have to strengthen your belief and self-efficacy that you can do what you like. Seeing others change successfully is inspiring, yet you have to see yourself as having everything to make such changes in yourself.

  • Set Reasonable Goals

Bad habits have taken a few years to establish themselves. You aren’t going to throw them instantly. Decide on realistic schedules that would work for you based on the goals that you like to meet. Being able to overcome your sedentary lifestyle is a great example on how you could proceed through this step. Initially, never think that you could go from 0 days of exercising a week to 7. You will be bound to fail and make sure to use your failure as a proof that you cannot change. But rather, work out the schedule of times to go to gyms or run that would fit in your schedule. Start slow and increase it gradually until you are at the recommended level for your family history, gender, and age.

In terms of social behavior like being tardy, your goal is to be early always at work. This can be difficult at first. Typically, if you are running twenty or thirty minutes late for your appointment, you can set preliminary goals of being ten minutes late. It is unlikely you could change your bad habit right away. Cutting tardiness is a great start if you don’t want to be late always.

Through breaking down the process of change into measurable goals, reaching out if you require help, and rewarding your success, you will be on your way to more fulfilling and longer life. If you need professional help when it comes to breaking your bad habits, you can rely on a life coach Los Angeles.

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