April 7, 2020

Engage with More People Successfully at Your Workplace

Engagement is a trendy word and while it’s very powerful because of its use, people make it more difficult to think and understand about than necessary. As a matter of fact, it is consultants, speakers, and writers who add to confusion through injecting complexity where it is not required.

So, know what people want in their lives and what matters to their heart. The reason behind it is that if they have all of these at their work, they’ll effortlessly and automatically be engaged in their job. Below are some of the ways on how to engage with more people at your workplace successfully:

  • Targets

People are competitive by nature, so help them compete through giving them goals or helping them make ones. Whether the job is more repetitive and mundane or highly creative, goals drive fun and satisfaction.

  • Meaning

People like to be a part of something bigger, useful, and valuable than themselves. Help others see what they do make a huge difference for others, the world, and for the community. Ensure that people can see the organization’s mission and how they could fit to it. You should also help them see why the mission is essential.

  • Expectations

People like to know what’s expected and what behaviors are actually valued. If people know what’s expected, they work with higher confidence and less stress.

  • Input

People who do the job have valuable perspective. They have some ideas and they like to share them. you do not have to implement ideas or accept the solutions suggested, yet if you ask for them openly and value such ideas, some would make a difference. The asking process would engage people in a powerful way.

  • Relationships

People like to feel more connected to others and work is the most logical place to have that needs met. Besides, people spend more waking hours at their workplace than in some activities.

  • Freedom

You’re talking about human beings and not robots. People do not like to be robots. Even in most procedure-driven and regulated job, there’s room for personal choices and freedom. Do you give people the opportunity to express themselves and make some adjustments while reaching the quantity and quality targets the job needs?

  • Belief

People like to be around those who actually believe in them. You should do your best work when you know that people around you like the best for us and believe that you can achieve the best. Do you really believe in the potential and capacity of your people? If yes, do they really know? If not, then why not?

The best thing about those ways is that leaders or managers can make an environment and lead in a way to provide those. No matter what your company culture or industry, those are in your control. Keep those things in mind and take note that people are people and everybody wants more of those things in their work and lives. If you provide them, engagement basically ensues.

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