April 7, 2020

Leave Your Problems Behind With The Help Of A Life Coach

In case you are feeling trapped in your own life, frustrated, unconnected and directionless and also if you feel that your life is good, but not great, you have to know that you are in need of a life coach from Life Coach Los Angeles much more than you are in need of counseling sessions.

When it comes to life coaches, you might have some questions regarding them. From what they are to what they do and to how they are different from counselors. There are always numerous questions revolving around this notion.

Listed below you can find the main differences between life coaches and professional counselors.

Past versus future

Generally, counselors are known to focus on the influences that their client’s past have on their present problems. The issues and the behaviors of their clients are mainly linked to the past. For instance, those counselors who work with depressed clients usually likes to ask them questions regarding their family background, the moment when their depression started and multiple other events that possibly triggered their depression. These types of questions are meant to help counselors understand their clients in order to help them deal with their crisis. Sometimes however, counselors also recommend psychologist or psychiatrist consults to their patients.

On the other hand, a life coach who is trained by Life Coach Los Angeles is known to focus on helping people define their goals in order for them to be able to be successful later on. Life coaches do not investigate dysfunctions or mental illnesses, but they help their clients in assessing their goals and their values. In addition, they also offer practical advice to their clients, which can bring their behaviors in line with their goals and values. I once knew someone who felt disconnected when it came to others and who knew that in order to fix his problems, he needed to develop personal relationships, but simply could not do this. He had a life coach that encouraged him in exploring certain routes leading to friendship, like meeting others for lunch or asking someone to become his mentor.

Scope of their territory

When it comes to counselors, you have to know that there are numerous different types, from specialists in substance abuse, mental health and behavior disorders, to specialists in family and marriage problems. However, most of the times these people work together with psychologists and psychiatrists, plus with family members if this can help. For instance, when I was treated for a certain eating disorder, my parents had to come with me to counseling from time to time, as this was the request of the counselor. This way we discussed the ways in which my behavior affected my parents and we therefore resolved some relationship issues.

A life coach from Life Coach Los Angeles on the other hand is not a therapist or psychologist, as he/she does not intervene psychologically. He/she is merely a mentor that works together with their clients in order to identify their goals and to help them reach these life purposes.

The client’s present state of mind

People in need of counseling are those people who experience crisis. These can be the results of destructive behaviors, internal conflicts or family and marital problems. Patients can also have present problems in their lives that can be the result of past abuse or hurts, grief or traumas. Physicians and clergy are the ones that usually propose counseling to people. However, counselors sometimes recommend these people other professionals. For instance, when I suffered from an eating disorder, I also had to consult a nutritionist in order to practice weight gain methods and to come up with healthy eating habits.

However, people in need of life coaches are not experiencing crisis, but only want to deal with some past issues and to get some help in moving forward and in achieving their goals. In addition, these people usually are afraid of taking action or simply do not know what kind of action to take. Nevertheless, they are ready to experience important and life-changing transformations. For instance, they might be open to changing their careers in order to have more free time for them and their families. A life coach from Life Coach Los Angeles can really come in handy here, as he can help people find out what they really like to do and what gives their life purpose. Through that type of guidance their patients can establish action plans and then achieve a happy and balanced life.


In order to be able to practice the job of a life coach, people do not need any special certification, as there are no requirements needed in order to become a life coach, and the field is not monitored by any oversight committee or governing body. However nowadays there are some universities and colleges that provide training for people wanting to become life coaches. There are even life coaching certificate programs offered online these days for $397 and only two days’ time investment. Obviously, as the field of life coaching is not monitored by anyone, people’s experience and coach quality can vary. We at Life Coach Los Angeles hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our coaches have trained for years before they can be called a Life Coach Los Angeles coach.

Counselors, on the other hand, have to be licensed in order to be able to practice. They need a master’s degree in a field related to counseling or in counseling itself, plus a clinical, supervised experience. However, the requirements for counselor vary a lot from one state to another, depending on the National Board for Certified Counselors.

In order to get in touch with a counselor, you can easily ask recommendations from your physician, your clergy, your friends or your mental health provider.

In order to get in touch with a professional, highly-trained life coach from Life Coach Los Angeles, simply use the contact form on this website.

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  1. Looking for some help with positive life coaching and moving through some blocks I am having in my mood I am a 32 year old male with a wife and two young boys. I am suffering from a strong mood change and depression! I am not sure if I would be best with a male or not, I haven’t had a father figure and don’t know if it would help if I had a male to help me with some of these things!!

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