April 2, 2020

Manage Your Stress Better to Be Happier

Stress can be a huge factor in one’s life. While it can keep you productive and motivated, a lot of stress can be a bit overwhelming, which can leave you with inability to cope with life, health issues, and depression. Being able to manage your stress better can lead you to a happier life. Some of the ways to do it are as follows:

Find the Real Source of Your Stress

There are times that it isn’t obvious where your stress comes from. It might be an outside situation that’s obvious or a subtle recurring thought pattern that makes your stress. You should be able to determine the source of your stress, so you can work to eliminate your stress point and find peace of mind.

Acknowledge Your Triggers

Basically, the first step to change is awareness. You have to know what triggers your stress before you can take any step to change it. Through acknowledging such triggers, you can start managing and overcoming your stress so it does not end up overwhelming you. Once caffeine is the stress trigger, limit coffees to a day or less. If people trigger the stress, limit your exposure to all of them. If particular situations cause you to feel a bit stressed, you actually have 2 choices. You may either learn to face such situations so they do not feel overwhelmed by them or you can limit your own exposure to them.


Managing stress can be a simple task, yet when was the very last time you stopped and took deep conscious breath? Sometimes, that is what it takes to feel better and reduce stress instantly.

Take Some Days Off

Sometimes, what you only need is relaxation. Try to rejuvenate and re-set your life. Taking a day off and doing nothing but rest can feel you energized, unburdened, and inspired again. It basically takes emotional intelligence to recognize once you need to rest and it’s the wisest thing you may do for yourself and people around you.

Keep Your Own Journal

Having your own journal brings unconscious to the unconscious and conscious thinking patterns, which are frequently the main cause of stress. Through putting such thoughts on paper, you can start revealing the source of stress and empower yourself to let go of what’s holding you in stress pattern.

Create a Foundation

Usually, stress isn’t an overnight occurrence. It basically builds up over time because of not taking care of yourself. Stress can strike if you do not have good foundation in place. Through having your own checklist for stress relieving, you can be assured that you’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep, positive mindset, and healthy diet.

Being able to manage stress better can provide you a lot of benefits in the long run. It has also a positive impact in your life and will surely make your life much happier. If you want to manage your stress effectively, you can also ask for a professional assistance from a life coach Los Angeles. Hiring a life coach can make the process simple and less challenging.

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